Pool builder who left jobs unfinished tried to get new pool job - KPRC Houston

I wouldn't perhaps even believe regarding (selecting pool cleaner reviews him) once I understand what he or she is all about.".

If you possess a tip for fact-finding media reporter Jace Larson, email or text him at jlarson@kprc.com or 832-493-3951.

Released On: Aug 30 2015 10:29:24 PM CDT Upgraded On: Aug 30 2015 10:44:52 PM CDT.

Jamon Comeaux was trembled as a child as well as is careless and can easily certainly not stroll or converse. Other swimming pool providers supplied to do help clients at price.

I only told him, What you are actually about, I cant has anything like that connected with my business, Aylward says he or she told Bellar. TWENTY.

"The amount of years of knowledge (he or she had) helping various other opponents and a couple of the points he or she can offer the dinner table," Aylward said.

Bellar sent a declaration saying his company had proceeded under as well as blamed the wet summer season climate. His taken on moms and dads intended to create him a swimming pool to assist him exercise.


The attorney for a pool contractor who didnt finish area swimming pools and also bypassed community points automatic pool cleaners out Jay Bellar had actually located a brand new work, but that task dropped via after his prospective employer found out about Bellars condition in Houston.

Jay Bellar owned Bellar Pools and also quickly left town in July leaving behind clients with gaps in the ground up and also no term on just how they could obtain pools they shelled out for finished.

Bellar declined to chat to Channel 2 investigatory reporter Jace Larson when Larson approached him at a residence in south west Charlotte recently.

Final month, Bellar turned up in Charlotte nc, North Carolina, and also desired a project coming from a new swimming pool business.

"He or she strolled in to my workplace," said Frank Aylward, head of state of Blue Sanctuary Pools in Charlotte.

Bellar declared personal bankruptcy Aug. Aylward determined not to hire Bellar.

Aylward points out Bellar performed certainly not particular exactly what occurred at Bellar Pools in Houston.

A few of those clients made it possible for various other pool firms to accomplish the jobs totally free. He or she delivered what he or she referred to as a "genuine apology" to "valued robotic pool cleaner customers.".

Bellar proclaimed his expertise.

Aylward was all set to tap the services of Bellar as his general manager but then he or she saw the initial Network 2 investigation.

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